Julie Obiamiwe

Co-founding equity partner of Foster & Foster, a Legal Aid practice in Enfield, London, specialising in social welfare law and in particular debt, housing, community care and welfare benefits.  Then from 1 April 2013 helped expand the firm setting up offices in Leyton, South Woodford, Tottenham and Cheshunt and specialising in housing and debt and community care after removal of welfare benefits from Legal Aid.  Then from 1 September 2018 from offices in Enfield and Leyton specialising in housing and debt, community care law and public law.  SQM supervisor in housing and debt.

Having obtained a Law degree in Nigeria and then a Law degree from the University of London, I then obtained a broad range of experience in relation to housing and property and legal aid work and in relation to the administration and running of a solicitor’s office including at a number of leading London legal aid practices with a view upon qualification to setting up my own practice at the earliest opportunity.  I am now the co-founder equity partner of Foster & Foster Solicitors where in addition to dealing with the day to day management of the practice I have specialised in housing and debt and community care and public law and earlier in welfare benefits and debt.

In my current role I advise and represent primarily tenants, homeless applicants and mortgage borrowers in relation to housing issues including defending possession proceedings, disrepair, illegal eviction and homelessness and allocations. Throughout my career as a solicitor I have successfully represented tenants, homeless applicants, mortgage borrowers, community care service users and debtors in housing, debt and community care litigation and cases using legal aid.

My last reported case was Bokhari v Belgrave (Legal Action March 2018 Housing repairs: update ) in which  I successfully represented the Defendant tenant in possession proceeding with the claim for possession being struck out and inter alia general damages for disrepair awarded in excess of £20,000

I am an active member of the Housing Law Practitioners Association (HLPA).

I am a member of the Association of Women Solicitors.

I am a member of the Institute of Money Advisers (IMA).

I have recently been invited to be one of the representatives for 2018/19 by The Parliamentary Review in order to share my best practice as a learning tool to individuals within the public and private sector.

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