The head of our housing team has over 30 years experience of achieving practical tangible results.

The range of work that we cover includes:

• Disrepair
• Defending unlawful eviction claims
• Notice Seeking Possession
• Repossession
• Defending possession proceedings
• Unfair termed contracts
• Unlawful eviction and injunctions
• Harassment
• Homelessness
• Succession
• Security of tenure
• Squatters rights and adverse possession
• Allocation & Transfer including overcrowding


Are you experiencing financial difficulties in the credit crunch? If yes, we might be able to help if you are being pursued by aggressive creditors and debt collectors. However since 1 April 2013 we can only assist you if your debts constitute a threat to your family home. This is due to the cuts to Legal Aid brought in by the coalition government. This means that provided the debt constitutes a threat to your home we can assist you with the following:

• Defending a debt claim by reaching an arrangement with your creditors
• Dealing with creditors claims prior to insolvency
• Informal or family arrangements in terms of insolvency
• Bankruptcy
• Unsecured loans (hire purchase, conditional sale agreement and consumer credit agreement)
• Secured loans
• Statutory Demands
• Charging Orders
• Mortgage arrears

debt & money advice

Community Care

Our community care department can assist you in obtaining the care and support that you need by providing you with advice about what is available. This could include care and services for older people, young adults with physical, learning or other disabilities, people with mental health needs, drug, alcohol or asylum seekers. We can assist in obtaining support for children in need from Local Authorities.

Judicial Review Proceedings

We can take proceedings against Health and Local Authorities who fail to carry out Community Care Assessments or provide adequate care once a need has been assessed. We can assist when public services have been withdrawn.

Assessments & Service Provision

We can assist with Community Care assessments and review of services for individuals with alcohol and drug abuse problems, with disabilities, mental health problems, elderly, HIV patients, rape victims and care plans.

Community Care - Foster & Foster Solicitors

Housing advice for venerable people